Indoor Flag Football League General Info & Setup

We've revived Conway's Indoor Flag Football League! Knockerball North Conway features a 30 yard indoor artificial turf playing surface, and we've set up an indoor flag football league.

Flag Football League Details:

Season: 6 week season with a 1-3 week playoff (working out to at least 7-8 games per team)
Season Dates: Wednesday Nights 3/21/18 - 4/25/18 with playoffs to follow (these are for the 2018 Season starting 3/21)
Number of Teams: 6
Players per Team: 6 (at least)
Team Creation: We have draft prior to the first game. Captains for every team will pick from a list of players.
Style of play: 1 hour games of Modified Flag Football 5 vs. 5
Price per player: $80 paid in advance of first game (cash, check or credit available)

Want to bring your League/Teams Indoors?

We have a facility that caters to many sports, so if you have a league, club, or sport that you'd like to bring indoors to the only turf facility in the Mount Washington Valley, please contact us below!

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