Flag Football Teams (Winter 2018-2019)

Flag Football Schedule (Winter 2018-2019)


Season Setup & Additional Info:

Preseason Weeks:

Our last preseason game will be December 27th. We will give the option to each team to play in an actual team vs. team scrimmage. This will allow teams to get familiar with each other a bit before the season begins.

Regular Season:

Regular Season will begin after the holidays on 1/3. We will play an 8 weeks season with every team playing most teams twice. Times each week will vary for each team, but will always be held between the following options: 6pm, 7pm & 8pm (1 hour increments for each game)


All teams will make the playoffs. Each team will be ranked according to the regular season standings allowing a first round bye for the top one or two teams (tbd). The first week will be the first round of playoffs, and the second week will be the championship.

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